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"The  quite recent origin of "Jazz59" stems from 2021 when Paul Dowler managed to bring together a small group of semi-professional Jazz Musicians and remind them that the year 1959 was in fact not only perhaps the year of the pinnacle of Mainstream Jazz before Rock n' Roll knocked it off its pedestal, but as it was also the year of his birth -  they should form an "Old fashioned Jazz Combo" - calling this outfit "The Jazz59 Quintet"."

"The lineup  consists of Geoff Holtom on  Bass, George Height on drums, Les Morton on Guitar, Gordon Smye on Sax, Jacob Dart on Keyboard and Paul (Harry) Dowler on Trumpet  - The astute amongst you will have realised that this is now a sextet! The reason for this being that  our original guitar player left  the fold, so we looked for another like-minded soul and found Les Morton, an experienced Jazz Guitar man, whilst at the same time we also found  Jacob Dart who plays a mean Jazz Keyboard - So knowing when he was on to a  good thing Harry decided that not only could they now appear  as a Quintet, but also as a Quartet or Sextet too!"

"In October  of 2021 Heather and Paul Dowler put on a charity Jazz Concert  locally to raise funds for The Dementia Carer Advice and Support Service that they run together in South Warwickshire  called  
The concert was so well  supported and received , plus we had such a good time that we realised not only were we enjoying ourselves, but that we had also inadvertently created a unique fundraising  vehicle - So now we have convinced the band members of Jazz59 that they can play for travelling expenses whilst raising funds for a very good cause - and they don't seem to mind..."

"A  lot of our music  will stem from the golden years between 1940 and 1959, but you will  also find some standards from the 1920s', 1930s' and even some from the 1960s..."
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